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Property ID : 5401

For Sale £128,300.00 - Citizenship Investment, Investment Property, Residential
84 msq 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom
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ID 5401


Large Communal Pool, Spa, Jet showers, Showers and Toilets for Gents & Ladies. Children Pool & Playground, Reception Fitness Centre, Pool Cafeteria / Bar. Sauna & Steam Bath Beauty shop              Extensive gardens, Indoor pool, Beauty Treatment Rooms. Verandas with panoramic views, Jacuzzi, Changing Rooms and Lockers

Private parking for each apartment

€160,650 property price.

Financially this property is very feasible with a low tax rate of 5% and no transfer fees which makes buying this property a great choice for first time buyers with great options of villas and affordable payment terms.

The country itself combines a rich and cultured past with a developing future suiting all types holiday goers. The country has a low crime rate, high rental income and small tax fee which means owners will feel safe and at home as will renters. Cyprus has new source of income due to freshly found oil meaning the country is now on the rise whilst on the verge of development which makes this investment unmissable opportunity.

Finally this opportunity’s biggest pro is the world renowned citizenship program included at €150,000 , a cut price compared to most companies that sell them at €250,000 plus. the citizenship program allows buyers the lifetime residency visa in Cyprus along with the current home visa. Benefits include a visa-free travel, tax havens and financial opportunities as well as a worry free escape from your current situation. We will take take care and guide you throughout the whole process by arranging a legal representative who will answer all your questions and help you to the best of their abilities.


CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT: Minimum investment in property €150,000

Floor Plans


84 msq
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom

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