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Property ID : 7706X

For Sale £268,000.00 - 3 Bedroom Villa
205 MSQ 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms
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Just for you

4% DLD fee waived till a saving of 52,000 AED.

Introducing luxury villas with interiors by Just Cavalli at AKOYA Oxygen – a collection of masterpieces set in an incredible international golf community.

These fashionable homes represent the brand’s daring

approach to design, creating unique and iconic spaces

for you and your loved ones. The earthy patterns

Interiors designed by

used indoors invite the lush green outdoors, sending you to the heart of nature in a seamless and rather effortless manner.

A design pundit is not bound by any medium. Just Cavalli extended his vision beyond patterns, garments and the sensational catwalks to the alluring world of home décor. He wanted to apply his unorthodox style to furniture and home interiors. From wild wallpapers to exquisite coffee tables, the home collection introduced a new era for interior design.

Just for the rooftop garden

Discover your very own rooftop garden at the Just Cavalli luxury villas. It’s a unique space where you can appreciate and seek out nature as the rooftop is transformed into a tranquil garden.

Offering the ideal environment for relaxation, entertainment and play, the rooftop garden is just another reason for you reconnect and recharge.

Floor Plans


205 MSQ

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