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Property ID : 4913

For Sale £225,802.00 - 2 Bedroom House
192 MSQ 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms
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A timeless home, which brings inspiration to your life, lovely with views to enjoy, a garden to connect to and a house to be proud of, this home will make an impression on your soul.

Located on the outskirts of Santa Barbara Castle, in the famous Barrio Santa Cruz where bars, art galleries and churches are plentiful, this marvelous property is within walking distance to the market, the theatre and the main department store El Corte Ingles.

Postiguet beach is only 10 minutes walking distance and the Airport a short 10 minute drive by car or 30 minutes in a bus!

This house is usually seen in postal cards, and represents two bedrooms and two bathrooms, all with natural bright light and views, there is a functional kitchen next to terrace which is covered by a skylight.

Distributed over different levels, this house has secret corners that will impress your guests.

This house is ideal for a couple or just someone who enjoy the benefits of the city life without losing contact with the community.


Additional Details

  • PRICE: €260,000

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