Property ID : 1201

For Sale £17,600.00 - Investment Property, Office

ID 1201

Bar Works NYC is the opportunity for investors to take advantage of the fast growing office and business space sector in New York. Imagine an environment which is exciting and makes work even more enjoyable and inspiring and for a fixed monthly price individuals are now revolutionising the office space sector, to become what is now known as the “co-working space”.

The price is fixed – No extras – No surprises. As you know, real estate investments is always about Location, Location, Location!

Below are highlights for the West Village, Manhattan, New York, Office Space opportunity:


  • Earn up to 16.5% net per annum (minimum 14%)
  • Rental income paid monthly
  • 125% buy back option
  • Exceptional location just minutes walk from Time Square, Manhattan
  • Immediate rental returns, first payment within 14 day
  • Invest from as little as $25,000
  • No hassle, hands off investment
  • Generate $35,000 income over 10 years from an investment of just $25K
  • Full documentation and title provided
  • Factoring in the guaranteed buy back, with returns paid monthly upfront.

N.B This is a complete hands-­‐off investment.

List of Facilities:

  • Internet, Photocopying & fax
  • Use of any workspace on a first come first serve basis
  • Complimentary PO BOX
  • Complimentary coffee all day
  • Heavily discounted alcohol beverages.

The Market

The Co-working space market is the fastest growing segment of the property market. It is currently dominated by two key players, Regus ($4.8bn market cap – UK listed PLC) and Wework ($16bn market cap – venture capital backed). There are also a large number of niche operators with very few having multiple locations and few possessing a recognizable brand.
Wework is the closest competitor to Bar Works. However Wework caters more to the companies with more than 4 employees and Bar Works to startups and freelancers with between 1 and 3 employees.

There is a huge untapped demand for affordable work space in major cities with rents, start up costs and ongoing costs making renting office space for early stage companies prohibitively expensive.

Bar Works Model

 Bar Works looks to provide a number of membership options which are all inclusive of meeting rooms, Internet connections, phone connection, copy, scanning and coffee and soft drinks. It is the most affordable offering in the market place. In addition there are no deposits or minimum periods. On top of that it offers an environment that is conducive to networking and events, hence the name.

Bar Works intends to be a major player in the co-working space market and has already received unprecedented demand to take space in its first location. It’s first location is already profitable which is a significant achievement for a new entrant into this market.

$25,000 per space.


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