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For Sale £19,325.00 - Investment Property, Office

Real estate in Birmingham is booming and never moreso in the commercial sector.
However, leasing office space is prohibitive in the affluent city, particularly for
SMEs and startups, resulting in rising demand for payas- you-go office facilities or
ëcoworking spaceí.

However, there simply arenít the facilities available for coworkers in Birmingham and with real estate prices
soring, office space providers and developers have been slow to respond to this rapidly emerging demand. Our//Space is perfectly located
close to one of Birminghamís most prosperous business locations in the Jewellery Quarter, meaning you have
the opportunity to profit from the latest megatrend in commercial real estate investment.

10 Reasons 2016 is the best time to invest in Birmingham

Year-on year, Birminghamís workplace-based Gross Value Added increases by 6% – more than double the UK
rate of 1.6%. Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS) GVA data

More than 80 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects were attracted to the Greater Birmingham area
last year ñ up by 57% on 2014. The area also created the most jobs ñ a total of 4,841 – a 98% increase on the
previous year. Source: UKTI

18,337 new businesses were registered in Birmingham during 2014 and more than 20,000 in 2015 ñmore
than any other city outside the capital. Source: StartUp Britain analysis of Companies House data

At over £21 billion to date in 2015 exports from the West Midlands have been the second highest in the UK
behind only the South East region ñ and higher than London. In 2014 the West Midlands reduced its balance of
trade deficit by nearly £6 billion, the biggest reduction of any region. Source: HM Revenue & Customs Trade data

Between 2014 and 2015 Birmingham saw an increase of over 250,000 (36%) in the number of international
visits ñ the strongest growth in the country in absolute terms and more than all other core cities put together.
Source: ONS International Passenger Survey

Birmingham was ranked as having the highest quality of life of any UK city outside of London in 2013. In 51st
place in the world rankings the city was ahead of Glasgow (54th), Aberdeen (56th) and Belfast (63rd). Source:
Mercer Quality of Life Index

In 2013 Birmingham had the highest proportion of pupils achieving at least 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C including
English and Maths of all the English core cities. Birmingham also had the highest proportion of local authority
run schools receiving an ëoutstandingí OFSTED inspection rating. Sources: Department for Education, OFSTED

In 2015 9,850 people relocated from London to Birmingham, well ahead of its nearest rivals, suggesting
that affordable housing, good quality of life and relative proximity to London are all making Birmingham a
particularly attractive proposition. Source: ONS Internal Migration Statistics

Last year Birmingham was the most popular conference and event destination in the UK outside London.
Source: British Meetings & Events Industry Survey 2014/15

Between 2005 and 2015 Birminghamís population increased by nearly 105,000 ñ well ahead of its nearest
rival. Birmingham is also the youngest major city in Europe and has seen the fastest growth

Our//Space is a boutique co-working space provider revolutionising this global mega-trend. Incredibly well financed and headed by a world class management team Our//Space will open 50 co-working locations in key international gateway cities over the next 3 – 5 years to serve 50,000 paying members.

During phase one their first locations in Dubai, Miami, New York and Birmingham will soon be joined by London, San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore to deliver a true global footprint on which Our//Space will build on during phase two of their rapid expansion.

There is an opportunity for individual retail investors to benefit from the growth of Our//Space via an innovative, low entry level investment vehicle delivering up to 13.25% net returns p.a.

  • Up to 13.25% P.A. assured returns
  • Paid monthly for the first quarter, quarterly thereafter
  • Attractive 5-year term
  • Call option after 6 months
  • The fastest growing asset class in property investment globally
  • No developer Risk
  • No closing costs
  • No legal fees
  • No tenants to deal with
  • Investors have unlimited use of facilities
  • Low level investment starting from $25,000
  • Recession Proof Fixed Returns

Additional Details

  • Price: $25,000

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